How It Works

How to attach a bag:

1. Hold device with flashlight on top

2. Pull arms up and away from flashlight, lock in place

3. Place device under left arm

4. Put hand in bag and position in the middle of the arms

5. Take the top 1.5 inches of the bag and fold it over Pin #1 and Pin #2

6. Holding bag on Pin #1 and Pin #2 with  index finger and thumb, place the top 1.5 inches of bag in slot #1 then slot #2

7. Make sure bag is even all the way around

8. When your dog is ready: extend the pole, position the bag under dog then Catch-a-Poo

How to remove a bag:

1. Retract pole and place under left arm

2. Remove bag from pin #1 then pin #2 and  slide bag forward

Dog Cleaner Product Packaging - Back - 2

Cap Front - 5-9-14