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Each CatchaPoo includes a 9 LED flashlight.




Product Description

Each CatchaPoo includes 
a 9 LED flashlight.



Why use a CatchaPoo?


Easy to use / No mess

No bending over

No hand Contact

100% capture

Fits multiple size bags

Environmentally friendly



3 reviews for CatchaPoo and 15 Bags! Fast & Free Shipping!

    5 out of 5


    I love the Catch-A-Poo device. It’s easy to use, saves you bags, and the mess of picking up after your dog has done their business. We’ve been using it now for a year and highly recommend it to anyone with a big or small dog. The flashlight that is included is good quality and helps you with your aim in the dark, it’s also a great safety light when walking in the dark for oncoming cars. One other plus, your neighbors will love you for NOT leaving a mess on their grass.

    5 out of 5


    The Catch-a-Poo is not just a beautifully designed item, it is a necessity for me. As a senior with dogs to walk, for my friends with arthritis, post surgery, other problems it is, as I said, a necessity. No bending down on one knee and looking for support to get back up. For any age this is the only dog pooper scooper picker up I found that stays CLEAN! No washing, rinsing the “jaws” and “rakes” of other scoopers. Telescopes out quickly when dog gets in the ready position. Collapses with the bag on and full, easy to disengage at the proper receptacle. I have used with three dogs and they just poop away. Folks have pulled their car over to the curb to ask me what “That thing is.” So why am I so enthusiastic about this item? Well, I selfish and want to make sure I can always have one. With this item it would be so difficult and even unsafe to try and clean up after my “kids.” And, a great, great gift! This is on the top three for my friends with dogs and arthritis. I prefer not to use the flashlight–and have place a hand loop on the end–empty or full the bag is secure and can hang.

    5 out of 5


    Received my catchapoo last week. I was a little skeptical when I ordered it wondering if it would work on both my dogs. The first time I used it it worked perfect! I love this little contraption. Never have to bend over and pick up dog poop again with my hand. Highly recommend the cathapoo!

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